We focus on improving industrial and logistics processes through the incorporation of technology

Our Focus

Inzol Consulting specializes in optimizing manufacturing, maintenance and logistics processes, through a methodology specially developed to combine process engineering with the incorporation of the latest technologies in industrial management.

Our Experience

Founded in 2009, Inzol Consulting is made up of professionals with vast experience in manufacturing processes, project management, information technology and systems integration.

Our Mission

Any industry that seeks to increase the productivity of its plants, improve the availability of assets, capitalize information from the manufacturing process, optimize times in the supply chain and increase profitability of its operations, can have Inzol Consulting as a strategic partner.

Our Vision

At the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution, we are convinced that technology is the way to achieve more integrated, efficient and flexible factories.

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Electrician builder at work inspecting cabling connection of high voltage power electric line in industrial distribution fuseboard
Developing programming and coding technologies. Website design. Programmer working in a software develop company office.


Inzol Consulting adds value to your industry due to its experience in process diagnosis and its ability to select, develop and implement the appropriate technological solutions for your company. Therefore, every Inzol project begins with a consultancy on the process that our clients wish to optimize.

Our methodology is divided into 5 stages, plus a final support process. During all the stages, meetings are coordinated with the different members of the areas to be improved. The ability to involve multiple relevant actors not only provides valuable information, it also motivates them to develop solutions from their own and not imposed externally. It is a necessary condition for changing processes and to be able to achieve a permanent effect. Comprehend, Devise, Implement, Scale, Supervise, Support



Inzol Consulting can improve your industrial and logistics processes, in order to make your company more competitive and efficient, through its value proposition, where we combine process engineering with the incorporation of the latest technologies in industrial management.

Our Value Proposition, based on the 4 pillars described here, gives us enough flexibility to join your optimization initiative, at any stage your project is in.

  • Consultoria_procesos-3
    Process consulting

    • Definition
    • Optimization
    • Roadmap

  • Seleccion_soluciones-1
    Solution selection

    • Reengineering existing processes
    • market research
    • Develop

  • Implementacion_soluciones-3
    Solution implementation

    • customizing
    • integrations
    • change management

  • Auditoria-1

    • performance controls
    • designing KPIs


What defines Inzol Consulting is the combination of different knowledge areas. This approach enables the organization to align its objectives, from the IT department to the shop-floor. This way, Inzol Consulting makes sure to select the right technology, while reducing implementation efforts and change management, regardless the size of your organization.

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