Process and Technology Consulting

Inzol Consulting focuses on the operational challenges of industrial plants, analyzing their need and the available technological infrastructure. Using our methodology, we map current processes, analyze inefficiencies, identify opportunities for improvement and accompany change management. Inzol Consulting offers tailored solutions to achieve the following objectives:

SAP consulting

Inzol Consulting offers specialized services for SAP logistics modules. We offer our clients expert knowledge of each process.

We are, above all, Process Engineers. For this reason, we can evaluate your use of SAP against current best practices and establish a path of sustainable growth and continuous improvement in the way you manage your industry.

Our SAP Services guarantee optimal design of the functionalities, avoiding unnecessary developments or extensions, adding our knowledge in innovations or add-ons that can enhance your ERP, without additional risks or costs. Additionally, we have added to our portfolio the latest innovations for S/4 HANA Manufacturing and Asset Management.


  • Plant Maintenance (PM/EAM)
  • Production Planning (PP)
  • Materials Management (MM)
  • Quality Management (QM)
  • Warehouse Management (WM)
  • Project Systems (PS)
  • Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII/MES)

Services offered

  • Business Blueprint design
  • Implementation
  • Improvements and extensions
  • Reengineering
  • Functional Consulting
  • Training
  • General support (key user)
  • Diagnostics and QA
  • Master Data Cleansing
  • Reports and KPIs

Migración a S/4 HANA

  • Digital Manufacturing (PP)
    • Production Engineering and
    • Operations
    • Planning and Scheduling
    • Execution
    • Enviromental Health & Safety
  • Intelligent Asset Management (EAM)
    • Intelligence Network
    • Strategy and Performance Management
    • Predictive Maintenance and Service
    • Predictive Engineering Insights
    • Asset Manager

Process and Technology Consulting

We perform developments that cover the entire process: from the strategic study of requirements, design, architecture, testing, quality control, execution and support. For all this, we use the methodologies that best adapt to each project, each company and each client.

Whether your company requires tools specifics of your industry, managing activities digitally or integrating systems to automate tasks, Inzol Consulting enthusiastically takes on the challenge

We implement artificial intelligence to predict deviations and Business Intelligence tools to analyze large amounts of information.



Inzol Consulting es una de las instituciones intermediarias comprometidas en ayudar junto a la ANII a las empresas que deseen mejorar sus procesos de operaciones logistica.

Bonos para incorporar soluciones digitales en logistica

Incorporamos soluciones digitales y nuevas tecnologías para el
sector logístico, de almacenamiento y transporte. Con subsidios de la ANII hasta UYU 1.360.000

Bonos para incorporar soluciones digitales en logistica
Implementacion de la Innovacion


Te ayudamos a implementar proyectos de innovación logística en tu empresa. Con subsidios de la ANII hasta UYU 3.840.000



Implementacion de la  Innovacion
Desafios empresariales

Si tu empresa se enfrenta ante un desafío planteado por demandas del sector productivo, te ayudamos a través del desarrollo de proyectos innovadores que requieren de una solución única. Para estos desafíos, la ANII cuenta con subsidios de mayor escala.


Desafios empresariales
Diagnostico de Operaciones Logisticas en empresas

Realizamos diagnósticos de procesos logísticos en empresas uruguayas con el fin de desarrollar y presentar propuestas de implementación de mejoras, las cuales harán más competitiva a tu empresa. Con subsidios de la ANII hasta UYU70.000.

Diagnostico de Operaciones Logisticas en empresas